PDThe conclusion of the consultant agreement with your company
iPjThe support content which is covered by the consultant agreement
q1r The legal clerical work which contains the following transaction
a. Legal consultation
b. Tip and presentation about the conclusion of a contract
q2r Legal aid service about your company, the employee of your company, and the officer of your company, is contained in our service. @Concretely, for example, we cooperate as the surface consultative window of the sexual harassment and the compliance. As for this case, we occasionally ask for the addition of the charge.
q3r We do not charge any commission separately from the counsel fee for the following legal transactions; as for the accomplishment of the transaction of each legal clerical work.
a. Simple legal aid service in the second law office; interviews through the telephone, the facsimile, E-mail, or directly provided interviews
b. The preparation of the simple contents-certified mail; however, in the case of charging a monthly consultation fee of more than 100,000 yen
c. The checkups of the contract and miscellaneous various documents
d. Simple legal clerical work which is based on other lines
iQjThe support contents which are not covered directly by the consultant fee
Occasionally we charge the commission and expenses for the following transactions, based on the conference, separately from the counsel fee.
q1r The transaction of the affair such as contentious case, out-of-court settlement affair
q2r The preparation of the legal relations documents of the contract and other documents; however, the preparation of the particularly simple legal relations document is contained in the above (stated in (1)q3r b& d).
q3r The special work (stated in (1)q3r)which needs exceptional enquiry or complicated enquiry, or a mass work, in the legal clerical work.
q4r However, the abatement to 2/3 equivalent of Tokyo bar association commission provision is done, as for the above procedure charge, the commission, and so on.
Besides, Stock options-like dodge meets the actual circumstances of each enterprise, as a method of payment of the commission of a large sum of affair, is examined as well.
q5r Besides, we charge the required expense such as copy fee, revenue stamp fee, post stamp fee, local transport expenses to the remote location, which needs for the legal transaction (stated in (1)&(2)). And, the actual cost such as the official trip daily pay which is decided differently on the conference with your company
iRjThe brow of the consultant fee
The consultant fee, in the case of the undertaker, is basically settled minimum 50,000 yen monthly based on Tokyo bar association commission provision. However, we ask for 100,000 to 150,000 yen monthly about the enterprise group and the big business instead. However, we suppose that both enterprise side and our side possibly feel risk by the grade when in case the actual needs of each enterprise are not clearly settled. About the concrete sum, when founding or enlarging grade of each business, we find a tendency of having more consultation. Therefore, we tentatively charge around 50,000 to 70,000 yen monthly through the first year, by reducing the concrete percentage, and adjust it based on the first year transaction amount after the 2nd year. Certainly, as for the concrete payment method (stated in (2)), we examine stock options-like dodge to keep half price as a lump sum that meets the actual circumstances of each company.
QDThe other support to the consultant enterprise
iPjThe offer of the legal information by news-letters and so on.
We also provide office report of three times in a year, office related legal business book and papers and so on sending by mail, E-mail and carrying on our homepage, and so on.
iQjThe application of the business judicial affair Q&A
In principle, limited to consultant enterprises, enterprises are eligible to access and utilize the business judicial affair Q&A through our homepage.
iRjLOI seminar
Like under-mentioned, every year in June/July and in October/November, only for the desired enterprise, that pay actual cost, we ask to participate in our legal business seminar for the consultant enterprise of our abode auspices. Some enterprises applied to it as a part of the in-house training, too. Then also, we set the social meeting for network making of the consultant enterprise as well after the seminar. Moreover, current consultant enterprise and association of our office are mentioned below. We hope you all to gain some kind of advantage by participating in the seminars sponsor by us.