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Makoto Iwade
BORN: Kashiwa, Chiba Pref.
February 1951
EDUCATION: Chiba Univ. (LL.B) 1973
1975 Tokyo University Law school (LL.M)
ENTITLEMENT: April. 1977
Tokyo Bar Association
EMPLOYMENT: April 1977 to 1981
Employed Yamamoto Eisoku Law office
April 1981
Established Iida & Iwade Patent & Law Office
April 1985 to March 1989
Lecturer at Chiba University
(Labor Security Law)
May 1986
Separated from Iida & Iwade Patent & Law Office
Established Law Office Iwade
April 1991 to date
Part-time lecturer at Chiba Institute of Technology
(Labor Management)
January 1999
Advice Commissioner for Perpetual Leased & Rented House Provisional Transaction Law at Tokyo Local Court
March 2000 to date
Member of the meeting for the study about an office deposit at the Ministry of Labor
January 2001 to date
Member of Labor Policy Board at the Ministry of Labor,Health and Walfare
February 2001to date
Chairperson at Chiba Woman Center administration committee
August 2002 to date
Member of Man and woman combination participation in planning promotion council at Nagareyama-city
Lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of Law(Business Legar Affeirs)
April 2006 to date
Lecturer at Tokyo Metropolitan University Law School(Labor Law)
Guest Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University
2007 to date
Lecturer at Chiba University Law School(Labor Law)
Member of the meeting for the study about how to set the standard for Disignated Mental Disease Sufferer at National Personnel Bureau, Employee Welfare Bureau
2008 to date
Guest Professor at Chiba University Law School(Labor Law)

Belonging Organization & Public Services

  • Japanese Bar Association Alliance Meeting
    (Former Commissioner for Tax Countermeasure Committee, Former Representative)
  • Legal Aid Association
    (Former Councilor)
  • Tokyo Bar Association
    (Former Councilor, Former Special Committee Commissioner for Delinquent Taxes, Former Legislation Committee Commissioner, Former Committee Commissioner for Specializing Okinawa Matters, Legal Aid Service Member, Traffic Accident Consultative Member, Former Recoverability Committee Manager, Former Vice Chairman for International Relations Committee)
  • Japanese Labor Law Institute
  • Tokyo University Labor Law Meeting for the study
  • Minato Ward Difference Industry Group AC
    (Former Representative Manager)
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce

  • Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce

  • Toride Chamber of Commerce
  • Chiba Prefecture Woman Center Steering Committee
  • Ministry of Labor Bureau of Labor Standards
    (Technical Committee Expert Assembly About Method of In-house deposit scheme)
  • Mitsukaido City Commerce & Industry Meeting
    (Former Vice Chairman for Commercial Activities Adjustment Council, Commissioner for Commercial Restoration.)
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce
  • Tokyo Local Court
    (Former Advice Commissioner for Perpetual Leased & Rented House Provisional Transaction Law)
  • Tokyo-Ginza New Rotary Club
  • kashiwa Business Management Seminar(Administrative Manager)
  • Tokyo Summary Court
    (Civil Adjustment Commissioner)
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  • "The effect by revising Labors Compensation Standard on brain and heart disease." (No.1069, Pg47)
  • "The necessity, limits and obligations to return attending & other expense for student nurse." (No.1047, Pg125)
  • "Death by lung cancer and corporate approval exception" (No.1020, Pg166)
  • "Corporate responsibility on preventive measures against lung cancer and employees' right to claim its fulfillment" (No.996, Pg116)
  • "The effect of upper party secession resolution and check-off agreement" (No.954, Pg129)
  • "Hour range for temporary payment" (No.912, Pg113)
  • "A right of claim for Workers Compensation (Permanent disability Lamp-sum payments): Its measure point under prescription/Extinction" (No.896, Pg114)
  • "Trouble & application to Benefit Payments Law prior to enforcement"(A Special Issue: Interpretation for essential judicial precedents the Year 1986, No.887, Pg212)
  • "Deduction from Benefit Payments (Special earnings) under workers/civil compensation and unintentional offset: sequential relations" (No.881, Pg139)
  • "Problems concerning legal controls on employment & job info magazines" (No.850, Pg82)
  • "The necessity to oblige workers' assent to managerial policy" (No.834, Pg94)

  • "Injured while in-house collective action" (No.823, Pg112)
  • "The necessity to research on reports done by labor standards inspectors and to oblige invocation of inspector-authority" (No778, Pg108)

  • "Business matter on employees' injuries on their way commuting within business territory" (No683, Pg145)

  • "Industrial injury: Hints & civil responsibility for enterprises, which receive dispatched workers. Third Party behavior disaster: Relations between settlement for benefit payments and recipients' right to claim damages against assailants" (No584, Pg150)
  • "A Trust Fund collector and workers under Labor Standards Acts" (No576, Pg139)
  • "Appointing temporal position in the office prior to relocation order: appropriate legal matter on temporal disposition" (No562, Pg100)
  • "Appropriate or not: Appealing confirmation of the rights under labor agreement, which does not adhere to official reprimand: Relations between a grievance and arbitration procedure. Limits of the research on employers' violation to corporate orders and employees' obligation to cooperate enterprises/employer" (No553, Pg144)


  • "Corporate responsibility on employees' death by overworks under the discretional labor regulation" (Oct. 1999, Pg135)
  • "Corporate responsibility on employees' Health Care; Disciplinary Action against a health-check refusal is effective"(Oct. 1998, Pg143)
  • "Employment of older worker; should create office regulations for each managerial form. Should avoid disputes by stipulating labor conditions" (May. 1998, Pg81)
  • "Any corporate responsibility raised on interns for having accidents; claiming compensation counts without concluding the labor contract" (Oct. 1997, Pg123)
  • "40 hours per week/ Work condition is not fearful; A knack to restrain labor costs' rise" (May. 1997, Pg101)
  • "Troubles between corporations and employees' families against the return premium after employees' death" (Jan. 1997, Pg101)
  • "Do not neglect employees' safety concern; employees' suicides for overwork; corporate responsibility on reducing employees working hours" (Sep. 1996, Pg113)
  • "A difficult measurement on the degree of the mental disease; How much Workers Compensation covers mental disease" (Jul. 1996, Pg33)
  • "What's the rational wage level for part timers; less than 80% of wages of regular employees result in illegal action?" (Jul. 1996, Pg109)
  • "Corporate responsibility on in-house medical examination; Judgement mitigates corporate obligations" (Mar. 1996, Pg121)
  • "Rejecting the wage raise to be dismissed: A powerful weapon for restored-enterprise." (Sep. 1995, Pg103)
  • "The final high interest rate products to be disappeared? A substantial reduction/ a 6 % reduction on in-house deposits' interest rate" (May. 1995, Pg111)
  • "Corporate responsibility to make reparation on employees' death by overwork and mitigation on Workers Compensation" (Jan. 1995, Pg. 15)


  • "Points to notice for enterprises when coping with the situation accompanied by repealing the control on women's working time: working late night and overtime" (No. Jul. 16, 1999)
  • "Points to notice for enterprises when coping with the situation accompanied by enlarging discretional labor regulation targets" (No. Jun. 4, 1999)
  • "Housing allowance to be out of computation on overtime premium" (No. May. 12, 1999)
  • "Points to notice for enterprises when coping with the situation accompanied by enlarging employment verification recording items" (No. Apr. 15, 1999)
  • "Legislative maintenance advance for aging society" (No. Mar. 17, 1999)
  • "Necessity for in-house regulation maintenance accompanied by its transformation into computer network system" (No. Oct.22, 1998)
  • "Corresponding to disadvantaged modification by introducing a-point-system retirement allowance" (No. Sep.2, 1998)
  • "How far the limit is for corporations to control employees' appearance" (No. Jul.30, 1998)
  • "Obligation to return training program expense" (No. Jul.8, 1998)
  • "Heeding points for employees' reinstatement from their suspension due to injury or illness" (No. Jun.9, 1998)
  • "Heeding points for employment of older worker" (No. Apr.17, 1998)
  • "Beware of obligatory Health Care for maternity under the equal employment opportunity law and extended period for maternity leave under Labor Standards Law to be enforced within this year" (No.Mar.11, 1998)
  • "Laws: Oblige 60 year-old Mandatory Retirement System and strengthen Disabled Employment Facilitation Law to be enforced within this year" (No. Feb.26, 1998)
  • "The controversial point on industrial relations accompanied with removal of a Ban on holding c1ompanies" (No. Jan.13. 1998)
  • "Lack in competence of recruited/scouted employees" (No. Sep.9, 1997)
  • "Dealing with the case when accidents occur to a loaned worker" (No. Sep.3, 1997)
  • "How to handle the case when putting a fault telephone number on advertisement " (No. Jul.8, 1997)
  • "Hints on internships: Recommendation and advantages on receiving internships" (No. May.15, 1997)
  • "Abolishing recruitment agreement and canceling informal decision" (No. Apr.2, 1997)
  • "Corresponding to scandals relating to human affairs: Corporations to conduct an assailant/employee for sexual harassment" (No. Nov.19, 1996)
  • "A rational range on pay differentials between part-timers and regular employees: Exploring the case of Maruko Alarm Incident which resulted in illegal for paying part-timers less than 80% of wages of regular employees" (No. Jul.18, 1996)
  • "Corresponding to lost-contact employees: Enterprises to learn risk management" (No. May.14, 1996)
  • "Light Sizing Management: An advance on legal maintenance and a necessity for its effective usage" (No. Feb.6, 1996)
  • "Prepare for 'Child Care Leave' and 'Family Care Leave'!" (No. Nov.14, 1995)
  • "Privacy at work: Protecting privacy for HIV infected employees" (No. Oct.19, 1995)
  • "Dividing pattern for common property: Stated by inheritance partition conference" (No. Sep.14, 1995)
  • "Clients Information: To be protected as confidential information for business?" (No. Aug.8, 1995)
  • "Counterattack/lawsuits against stockholders/representatives increases: Judicial precedents which order plaintiff a large amount of mortgage provision come out one after another" (No. May.23, 1995)
  • "A direction to reduce in-house deposits' interest rate: A specialists conference report relates to what in-house deposits ought to be" (No. Apr.6, 1995)
  • "Obligation on health maintenance and responsibility on personnel management (2): Corporate responsibility accompanied by medical examination results" (No. Feb.15, 1995)
  • "Obligation on health maintenance and responsibility on personnel management (1): Corporate obligation to implement medical examination" (No. Jan.13, 1995)

SOGO RODO KENKYUJYO/Leadership Development Note

  • "Set limits to control employees' appearance and hair color" (No.794 Aug.15, 1998)
  • "When violating instructions: A job and a salary to be paid for" (No.792 Jul.15, 1998)
  • "A bonus to be paid under a required condition of registration" (No.790 Jun.15, 1998)
  • "Corresponding to a false career" (No.788 May.15, 1998)
  • "Managerial position and overtime premium" (No.786 Apr.15, 1998)
  • "Employment: Informal decisions and probation" (No.784 Mar.15, 1998)
  • "Suicide by overwork and Workers' Compensation" (No.782 Feb.15, 1998)
  • "Managerial Position: Death by overwork and Labor Law" (No.781 Feb.1, 1998)


  • "An outline for discretional labor regulation targets to be enlarged from April next year" (Dec. 1999, Pg23)
  • "A sum up of an annual paid vacation for reemployment employees" (Sep.1999, Pg58)
  • "Housing allowance to be out of computation on overtime premium to be enforced on October 1st" (No.521, Pg20)
  • "Corporate study on revised Labor Standards Act" (No.510, Pg9)


  • "What if a recruited head of a department falls short of our expectations?" (No. Apr. 2000, Pg69)
  • "Enterprises get accused due to employees' suicide by overwork" (No. Sep. 1999, Pg66)


  • "New regulations on business casualty approval relates to employees' suicide by overwork" (No.3428, Pg37)
  • "Disasters at work (1) ~ (5)" (No.3417 Pg74, No.3418 Pg63, No.3420, Pg80, No.3422 Pg71, No.3424 Pg76)
  • "Corporate responsibility on the conditions of employees' suicide or death by overwork: Examine judicial precedents" (No.3400 Pg3)


  • "Corporate responsibility: When employees commit suicide by facing stress under overwork" (No.1236, Pg27)
  • "Legal problems concerning employees' health maintenance: Work mitigation measure contents and its problems under fulfillment as well as Health Care obligation and its privacy: a two-faced nature of the concealment right" (No. 407, Pg12)


  • "Application for flexible work hour" (No. 147, Pg32)
  • "Deduction on benefit payments for civil compensation: focusing on the deduction on special earnings and order relation on unintentional offsets" (No. 143. Pg159)
  • "Safety & Sanitation & Workers Compensation under ME Technology Innovation" (KIKAN LABOR LAW-A Separate Volume "Office Labor Law" Pg195)


  • The business practice of the Law Concerning Succession of Labor Contracts after Spin-offs.hUpper & Lower volume(Business & Judicial Affair No.1570-No.1571)
  • "Legal Practice 1~3: Renovation on Personnel Treatment System for Educational Foundation:" (Educational Foundation Feb. to Apr., 2000)
  • "Organizing a healthy work place for every employee: A special number-rapid increase on death & suicide rates by overwork" (Monthly Transportation Labor Union No. Nov., 1999)
  • "Restoration of the organization for financial institution is still too indulgent" (Nikkei Financial Paper, No. Aug. 25, 1999)
  • "Corporate responsibility on health consideration and personnel management: Legal check points and corporate responsibility expected" (Labor Law Study Report, Pg1, Issue 1975)
  • "Brain-blood vessel disorder/Subarachnoid Hemorrhage caused by business" (Judicial Precedents Time Signal, Pg226, Issue 1315)
  • "Trade Union breakup resolution" ("Shisei" 25th Year Special Number for Tokyo Bar Association Hoyu-Party Dept.6, Pg30)
  • "Industrial injury & civil responsibility -- the concepts of 'Employers' and 'Corporations' originate in re-construction under Labor Standards Law & Industrial Safety and Health Law. Enterprises, which receive dispatched workers, are responsible for and under an obligation to Industrial Safety and Health Law and its violation; Focus on legal constitution of civil responsibility" (Master's Thesis At Tokyo University Master's Degree)


The necessity of provisional injunction in labor dismissal suits: Study on judicial precedents concerning span of temporary payment. The monthly journal of the Japan Institute of Labor, No.345, 1988

Book Review

Makoto Takahashi, A study of Obligation to Consider Safety, The Monthly Journal of the Japan Institute of Labor, No.407, 1993



  1. gStrain self-destructionh health and time management liability is to be defined, enterprise liability for the service overtime duties, gthe employee discretionh is hardly explained.
    April 26, 2000 General Labor Institute
  2. An industrial accident, an occupational disease and labor law; to learn an elementary knowledge and the latest tendency to an Industrial accident
    August, 1999 Chuuo labor administration
  3. Precaution against safety and mental health activity
    July, 1999 A foundation Mental Health Laboratory
  4. The lecture on the labor standards Act
    June, 1999 Tokyo-to Labor Economical Section
  5. Prevention against sexual harassment training program
    June 1999, Diamond-sha Co. Ltd
  6. How to go rules preparation within enterprise as computer network advanced
    March 1999 Miwa Soken Seminar SRIC HALL
  7. How change employee on revised labor law is?;Revised Labor Standards Act, Child-care leaves Law and Employment equal Opportunity Law
    March, 1999 Tokyo-to Shinjuku labor administration For workers '99 Spring Labor Seminar
  8. The rule of industrial and employment management; a duty of employer, Problem and role of industrial, collective agreement, employee representational system
    July 1998 February, July, 1999 Tokyo-to Chuuo labor Administration
  9. Employers' responsibility on corresponding employees' health check refusal, injury and mental disease, and managing employees' health information or health check: contents of employers' obligation toward employees' health check and its results.
    October, 1998 Yuuraifu center
  10. Next the point of working rule looked again accompanies Labor Standards Act revised; we correspond to revised Act
    February, 1998 Mita Chamber of Industry
  11. Legal knowledge of daily life; handy simple solution to a neighbor problem
    February 1998 Chiba prefecture women center
  12. What is sexual harassment? ~ The placement from legal field of vision and the status quo
    February, 1998 Tokyo-to Shibuya labor administration
  13. Problem of current the Equal Employment Opportunity Law; Legal knowledge for working women ~ The Equal Employment Opportunity Law, Child-care leave Law, their problem of labor condition around women and a direction from now
    January 1998 Chiba prefecture women center
  14. Current the Equal Employment Opportunity Law and women; the way to decide a policy and equality. From labor precedent
    January 1998 Chiba prefecture women center
  15. Removal of a ban of pure holding company and industrial correspondence; the business point~what's the point at issue of industrial relations and labor law
    November 1997 General labor laboratory CO.LTD.
  16. Basic knowledge of labor low and labor management; Legal check point of from employment to retirement and dismissal
    October 1997 National House Industry CO.LTD
  17. Business knowledge of employment, wages, workmen's compensation, and dismissal
    October.1997 Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce Industry
  18. Health cares for regular employee and firm responsibility- how to ask personal management and health care staff to be responsible
    May, June. 1997 General labor laboratory CO.LTD
  19. Problems about labor agreement in the latest precedent; hints for part-time employment
    May.1997 Foundation of workmen's compensation Insurance information center
  20. Industrial injury and responsible of an entrepreneur
    February 1997, Homing CO.LTD.
  21. The point of working rule looked again- A measure for the end of applicable extension of Labor Standards Act revised
    February.1997 Mita Chamber of Industry
  22. The lecture of trouble about employment, wages, retirement allowance and holiday etc.
    November.1996 Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  23. Necessary legal lecture to prevent from a crisis of management
    November.1996 Sakai-Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  24. Women and Law; marriage, divorce, non-legitimate child, marital difference family-name in low and the Civil Code problem tendency
    October.1996 Chiba prefecture women center
  25. Labor law for employer; from working rule and revised business to prepared and cleared labor condition
    October.1996 Tokyo-to Shinagawa labor administration
  26. Death from overwork and liability of compensation for damages of firm
    June.1996 Nippon Industry Club
  27. Legal problems of part-time employment and legal checkpoint from recruitment to discharge
    November.1995 The fringe organization of countrywide zoo
  28. Industrial injury and liability of an entrepreneur
    September.1995 Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,LTD
  29. The basic knowledge of Labor law and Labor management is necessary for manager or managerial position; the problem between trade union
    September.1995 National house Industrial Co. Ltd
  30. The basic knowledge of Labor law and Labor management
    June.1995 Mitsui Real estate CO.LTD
  31. The business point of corporate low and inheritance low
    April.1995 Nippon Life Mutual Insurance Company
  32. Trouble being apt to happen and defense measures in the building industry
    January, 1995 Souwa-Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  33. Speaks and behaves of directors and unfair labor practices
    April.1994 Daiko Denshi Tsushin LTD
  34. Health care and responsibility to the personnel labor; expected responsibility to the firm and legal checkpoint
    July.1994 Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  35. Product Liability Law and its measures for the small and medium-sized enterprises
    November, 1994 Shimada Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  36. Labor acts for the small and medium-sized enterprises: legal check- point from employment to resign
    December.1992 Souwa-Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  37. Legal problems on disputes between neighbors
    July 1992 National House Industrial Co. Ltd.
  38. Legal problems on the inheritance dividing
    July 1992 National House Industrial Co. Ltd.
  39. Issues on foreign labors
    November & December 1991 Kashiwa city Hall
  40. Introduction and practical use of new labor hour's system
    March.1991 Nippon Seisansei Honbu
  41. Fundamental knowledge on labor standard act
    September & October 1990 The Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  42. Basic knowledge on corporate law
    March.1990 National House Industrial Co., Ltd.
  43. Measures against traffic accidents in your firm: traffic accidents of your employees and subcontractors
    January.1990 Souwa-Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  44. The problems about corporate liability on conciliation and lawsuits
    April.1989 the Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., LTD
  45. Framework of revised labor standard act
    March.1988 Souwa-Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  46. Recent trend on remarkable transformative legislation of labor acts
    March.1988 Mitsukaidou Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  47. Necessary basic legal knowledge for management
    March.1988 Mitsukaidou Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  48. The legal knowledge for a manager
    October.1987 Souwa-machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  49. Preservation and withdrawal of credits: from setting up the security to withdrawal
    March.1985 Tanuma-machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  50. The problems around leasehold: Basic legal knowledge for the landowner and the owner of the house
    November.1985 Mitsukaidou Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  51. Basic legal knowledge about promissory note
    November.1985 Youkaichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  52. Legal knowledge for merchants and manufacture
    October.1984 Mitsukaidou Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  53. How to read real estate register and the knowledge of security
    February.1984 Nakanojou Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  54. Legal problems on bankruptcy
    March.1983 Ashikaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    June.1983 Utsunomiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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